Kris was born in MI and spent many years growing up in Peru & Chile in South America.  In 1964 she returned with her family to New York. After graduating from high school and taking some time to travel around the country in a VW mini bus, she attended Colorado Mountain College on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.  Upon graduating with an AA degree , she relocated to northern CA to attend Humboldt State University and graduated with BA.  She came to Seattle in 1987 and worked at Microsoft for a year back when it was just 7 small buildings in Redmond. She moved into sales at Egghead Software and later into computer training sales with CompUSA where she was a top computer training sale person for several years in a row. In 2000 when CompUSA downsized, shortly before closing altogether, she moved into real estate and obtained her WA State real estate license.

After working for a year as a John L Scott agent, Kris decided that she was better suited to working behind the scenes and started working in commercial real estate as an assistant for a busy multifamily broker.  3+ years later, she moved back into residential real estate working as an assistant for a busy residential agent/broker.  When the real estate market slowed in 2009, she moved into doing BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions) for several large banks and mortgage lenders. In 2012, having completed thousands of BPO’s, she transitioned back into assisting and began working with Vijya Patel and Madison Avenue Realty (then called Vijya & Associates).

Kris has many other interests and projects including miniatures, creating glass yard art, fairy house and fairy door construction, Christmas holiday wreath and glass block design & creation, woodworking (mostly replacing her deck), computer games, gardening.